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Your dog is a big part of your life and you do everything you can to make it a great life.

BUT, your dog can still make you frustrated, aggravated, worried or even scared.  

          1. Does your dog need help with life skills, social skills and manners?

          2. Is your dog stubborn, 'dominant', behaves "out of spite", barks incessantly?

          3.Is your dog fearful of you, people, dogs, noises, on walks, new places, etc.?

          4. Does your dog bark, growl, lunge, snarl, or snap at people, dogs, cars, etc.?

          5. Does your dog guard his food, chewies, toys, furniture or a family member?

          6. Has your dog bitten someone or another animal?

Fearful, Reactive & Aggressive dogs


I'm here to help and here's how we'll do it:


TRUST means that your dog will feel safe, that his brain will able to learn, retain what's learned and even when your dog is nervous or scared, your dog will know that you'll keep him safe.


You'll be your dog's TEACHer and I'll show you how to do that using force free, fear free, pain free, science based, trust and bond building methods and protocols. 


With learning comes Change and that means your dog's life is more fun, less scary, very rewarding, awesome and safe. 


Now you have a dog that is happier, more confident and more trusting and life for you both is AWESOME- ENJOY!!

Build TRUST, TEACH Skills,

CHANGE Behavior, ENJOY the Partnership ​​

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The Inner Dog LLC

​​​​Sam Wike, CPDT-KA, VSPDT-CDT and Behavior Specialist

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