You may feel that your dog is 'unruly', 'stubborn', deliberately ignores you or does things to 'spite' you. Human behavior may be described that way but the simple reason for a dog's behavior is that their value system is different and how they learn is different than us. Does your dog always bark at anything that comes close to your home or the mailman, UPS person, etc? They're doing their job- intruder alert, I'll make the intruder go away. Our dogs can mystify us, frustrate us, and aggravate us but I have positive solutions for negative behaviors.

Are you worried about your dog's behavior when he sees other dogs, his 'aggression' or reaction to them; does your dog scare you with barking, growling, lunging, etc. when you have visitors or encounter strangers on the walk? Not to worry, moderate to severe behavior issues like fear, reactivity and aggression are my specialty.

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Build TRUST, TEACH Skills, CHANGE Behavior, ENJOY the Partnership

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