The Inner Dog LLC

​​​Sam Wike, CPDT-KA, VSPDT-CDT and Behavior Specialist

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It is said that "Communication is the key to success". What it should say is "two way communication is the key to success." Communication is NOT difficult but it does require the ability to learn how to communicate in a way that is understood by all parties. And therein lies the rub...

Dogs are GREAT communicators if one takes the time to listen and understand. As humans, we automatically believe that listening means hearing words or sounds whereas our dogs speak and listen with their facial expressions, body language and then by sound. Talk to good interviewers and interrogators and they will explain the nuances of how we speak with our facial expressions and body language as well, but few people are adept at this. Our dogs, like all other species are quite adept at effectively communicating with each other- the problem is us.

​Take a look at the pictures below to learn the Language of Dog. Once you learn, you and your pup will have mutually beneficial conversations.