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Before & After Getting Your Puppy; Ian Dunbar

Parenting Your Dog; Trish King

Kids & Dogs:

Raising Puppies & Kids Together; A Guide for Parents: Pia Silvani & Lynn Eckhardt

And Baby Makes Four- A Trimester by Trimester Guide to Baby Friendly Dog; Penny Scott-Fox

Child-Proofing Your Dog; Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson

There's a Baby In The House; Mike Wombacher

Training & Behavior:

By Victoria Stilwell
   It's Me or the Dog
   Train Your Dog Positively

By Jean Donaldson
   Dogs are from Neptune
   Culture Clash
   Oh Behave!

By Andrea Arden
   Dog Friendly Dog Training

By Dr. Patricia McConnell
   The Other End of the Leash
   How to be the Leader of the Pack
   I’ll Be Home Soon
   For the Love of a Dog
   Love Has No Age Limit
   The Cautious Canine

By Karen Pryor
   Don’t Shoot the Dog

By Pat Miller
   Positive Perspectives: Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog
   The Power of Positive Dog Training

By Dr. Stanley Koren
   How Dogs Think
   How to Speak Dog

By Terry Ryan
   Outwitting Dogs
   The Bark Stops Here

By Alexandra Horowitz
   Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know

By Nicole Wilde
   Help for Your Fearful Dog
   It's Not the Dogs, It's the People
   Train Your Dog: The Positive, Gentle Method

By Kathy Sdao
   Plenty in Life is Free

By Debbie Jacobs
   How to Live With and Train a Fearful Dog
   Does My Dog Need Prozac