The Inner Dog LLC

​​​Sam Wike, CPDT-KA, VSPDT-CDT and Behavior Specialist

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Good Information Helps Us Make Good Decisions

I hope that after reading through my website and talking to me on the phone, you're ready for me to help you and your pup work at overcoming whatever challenges there are. 

To do that, I need information that will allow me to begin formulating a training plan designed specifically to address those challenges. Please click on each of the links below and complete the online forms. I've made them easy to complete and the results will be sent directly to me once you're done. Once I get them and read through the information, I will begin designing the plan that'll make things better. 

1. Dog Training and Behavior Modification Contract

2. ​Contract Addendum

3. Client Information and Behavior Questionnaire 

4. Aggression Survey

5. Aggression Disclaimer

6. Know Bite History Addendum

7. Client Information and Behavior Questionnaire for Puppies