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Sam Wike, CPDT-KA, VSPDT and Behavior Specialist

pet professional guild

1983-1986: Sgt., US Army Military Police Corp West Germany

1986-1989: Sgt., US Army Military Police Corp Ft. Monmouth, NJ

1989-2001: Police Officer, NJ Transit PD

2001-2006: Certified Explosive Detection K9 Handler; Sergeant, NCOIC Explosive Detection K9 Unit; Unit trainer

2006-2007: Petsmart Dog Trainer: attended & graduated from the Petsmart Dog Trainers course. Taught Puppy Basics, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience courses to over 400 dogs & owners

2007- 2010: Purr’n Pooch Pet Resort (NJ). Trainer and behavior consultant. Taught Puppy, Beginner and Adult Basic Life Skills classes, Advanced classes, Canine Good Citizenship and Out'n About courses but most of my work was with behaviorally challenged dogs. Also spent many hours in day care groups assessing dogs' temperament and observing and educating myself and staff on good canine play skills, body language and behavior. I worked with over 1000 dogs and provide training to staff as well as seminars to dog owners.

2008- 2015. Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). This organization seeks to educate and promote the benefits of positive reinforcement training among dog trainers and dog owners a like.

2008- present: Certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator. This title indicates to dog owners and the general public that the dog has excellent obedience and social skills and is a welcome part of any community. My Evaluator # is 34321.

2008-2014: Attended the annual 5 day Association of Pet Dog Trainers national conferences, earning 160+ continuing education credits in areas of canine behavior, cognition, ethology, learning theory, communication etc. CEUs earned

2009-2010: Provided four information seminars to public users of of the Monmouth County (NJ) Parks and Recreation System titled ‘How to Safely Enjoy the Dog Park’. This seminar was provided as a community service so that more dog owners and their dogs would enjoy the two county dog parks and in hopes that this information would help to stem the number of unacceptable incidents at the parks.

2009- present: Selected as the first Best Friends Animal Society Community Training Partner. I have established canine enrichment and rehabilitation programs at the Monmouth County (NJ) SPCA and teach Canine Behavior and Communication to staff and volunteers. I also work with  local rescue groups as well as teaching the Canine Behavior and Communication course to area volunteers and kennel facility staffs. At Best Friends' request, I also travel each year to various shelters and animal rescue organizations throughout the United States presenting workshops on canine behavior, language, shelter enrichment programs, shelter play groups, pre and post adoption support programs and how to keep our pets in their homes.

2009- present: Became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) after successfully completing the extensive test administered by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). The CCPDT is the only national/international third party certification body for professional dog trainers. I continue to accrue more than the minimum required CEUs to maintain my certification. My certification # is 2081699.

2010: Attended 3 day seminar conducted by Dr. Nick Dodman, Program Director of Animal Behavior, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University. Dr. Dodman is considered one of the five foremost researchers in Animal Behavior as well as the leading researcher in the use of pharmacological intervention in dogs with behavioral issues. Subjects presented on included Fear and Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Ethology of the Domestic Dog, Canine Cognitive Disorder and Psychopharmacology. CEUs earned

2010-present: Became a licensed and endorsed member of the Victoria Stilwell Positive Dog Trainers team (VSPDT)

2010-present: Member of the Behavior Education Network (BEN). This is a professionals only organization that provides weekly webinars concentrating on such areas as behavior modification techniques, dog to dog and dog to human reactivity, working with fearful dogs, recognizing and designing rehabilitation protocols for various ‘aggression/reactivity’ issues, etc. CEUs earned

2012: Applied and accepted as a member of the Pet Professional Guild, an organization of pet professionals who practice only force free, fear free, pain free, science based, positive reinforcement methods of training and behavior modification. Am a Steering Committee and Summit Planning Committee member.

2013- present: Training multiple role service dogs through and for the Best Friends Animal Society Canines with Careers Program under the direction of BFAS Trainer/Behavior Consultant Sherry Woodard

2013 / 2014: Co-presenter with Best Friends Animal Society Trainer/Behavior Consultant Sherry Woodard at seminars in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New York and New Jersey for shelter and rescue groups as well as dog owners, vets and vet techs on recognizing, understanding and working with dogs that have multiple medical and behavioral issues.

2013: Attended seminar conducted by Dr. Siracusa, PENNVET Director of Behavior Dept. This seminar dealt specifically with behavioral issues found in shelter dogs and also included 3 hours of actual assessments. CEUs earned

2014: Attended 2 day seminar presented by Dr. Nick Dodman, Program Director of Animal Behavior, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University, Dr. Ray Coppinger and others focusing on Canine Genetics and Behavior. This seminar also focused on specific fears and phobias as well as a presentation by Dr. Marty Becker which focused on creating Fear Free Vet Visits. CEUs earned

2014: Spent 5 days at the Rochester Animal Shelter in Rochester, NY providing shelter assessment, staff and volunteer workshops, canine assessments, enrichment programs and adoption support programs on behalf of the Best Friends Animal Society.

2014- 2015: Training & Behavior Consultant for Marty's Place, a senior dog sanctuary. Evaluated dogs for admission and implemented behavior and enrichment programs for resident dogs

2015: Attended 2 day symposium at Cornell Univ. titled Animal Behavior Symposium. Lectures and Labs covered: Canine Cognition and Behavior, Advanced Learning Theory, Diets and Supplements as Behavior Modification Adjuncts, Impulsivity, Reactive Dogs, Anxious and Aggressive Animals  and case studies. CEUs earned

2015: Attended Pet Professional Guild Educational Summit in Tampa, FL. Presentations attended: Assessing Behavior; Breed Specific behavior; Relationship Essentials; Working Professionally with Animal Shelters & rescue groups; Emotion & Behavior Change; Breed Bias; Pharmacologic Intervention; Aggression; Canine Cognition. CEUs earned.