The Videos shown here are about a couple of the dogs I worked with as a Best Friends Community Training Partner. 

Watch the video below about Rudy and his adopters. Rudy's family and I worked tirelessly with him and utilized the services of the UPENN Behavior Dept. but in the end, Rudy's fear of being inside a home outweighed anything that we did for him. His family recognized this and made the courageous and loving decision to do what was right for him so Rudy was re-homed to a large out of state farm in a very peaceful environment where he was able to run and play all day. Rudy's new family kept in touch and the pictures and videos were heartwarming and proved a very important point- every dog needs the right home. 

The video below is about Shiloh, the story of a dog that was left in a crate in a foreclosed home, taken in by a shelter, adopted out and returned 4 times and was set for euthanasia. Jerrilyn put aside her myriad of physical challenges and literally saved Shiloh's life. She continues to live and drive Jerrilyn crazy every day, in a good way, and they have a great life together. 

Though the Best Friends Community Training Partners Program was discontinued, important elements are still in place at the Monmouth County SPCA and at their request, I've recently begun to reintroduce other elements that had fallen by the wayside. 

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​​​Sam Wike, CPDT-KA, VSPDT-CDT and Behavior Specialist

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